Why Choose KBR to Install your WiFi?

Experienced Installers

We understand that every educational establishment is unique. The difference isn’t just in the teaching methods, key stages or financial constraints. A school can be built out of anything from historic solid stone to modern light-weight materials and everything in between.


In our many years in the WiFi industry we have installed wireless solutions from castles to lighthouses and from large-scale city centre universities to small rural schools.



Fully Accredited

Our installation teams are highly trained and fully accredited with all relevant health and safety qualifications. We appreciate the need to be flexible and that a school or college still needs to function while the WiFi network is installed. Because of this we can agree your installation plan to minimise disruption to curriculum activities.

30 Years’ Experience

With over thirty years of experience, you can be sure your new WiFi network is safely installed with a minimum of fuss.


A school’s success in launching digital learning will be directly impacted by the performance of the school’s WiFi. By partnering with KBR you can rest assured you are working with one of the leading WiFi providers in the UK.


Meet our Operations Director

We want to ensure a seamless process for our clients, from beginning to end. I am therefore responsible for planning the full installation process, which includes ensuring the Health and Safety record at KBR.

Whilst data cabling is still an ongoing requirement for all areas of the IT industry, the implementation and reliance on good wireless communications is by far the main priority. Wireless used to be seen as an added enhancement to a network, it’s now regarded as a must have priority requirement for all modern networks.

Mike Allan

Mike Allen

Operations Director
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