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Protect your school, staff and students from malicious malware attacks, viruses and inappropriate adult content.


Benefit from holistic network Wi-Fi security, allow students to use their own devices safely, enable web filtering and maximise your bandwidth with KBR’s unique combination of leading edge Wi-Fi and online safety solutions.



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“Protect students, facilitate online teaching methods and maximise budget & resources.”

What is Driving this Solution?

During March 2015, a survey on online safety practice was carried out during all HMI-led S5 school inspections. A total of 39 primary and 45 secondary schools were involved. During their inspection, inspectors discussed online safety issues in the school with senior leaders, groups of teachers, Governors and groups of students.

Ofsted found:

A significant majority of schools still do not allow the use of personal devices

5% of schools do not have an Online Safety policy in place

Over 25% of secondary students cannot recall if they have been taught about Wi-Fi security and online safety over the last 12 months

Only 74% of students were aware that they had an online safety policy

Do you fall into one of these categories? KBR has developed the perfect solution…

KBR and Online Security

KBR’s unique, leading edge Wi-Fi security solutions can provide you with the following safety measures:



KBR provides a unified threat management system which not only eliminates the number of Wi-Fi security incidents that could put key services at risk, but also contains information on the viruses, attacks and blocks detected, notifying the relevant person quickly and automatically for effective decision-making.



The KBR Wi-Fi Solution can enable seamless self-service onboarding with device integrity checks, virus scans and authentication setup, with a variety of user authentication options to choose from: until a user is properly authenticated and their device is checked, they are kept in a ‘walled garden’. Furthermore, you can specify how many devices individuals can onboard.



With a schools’ legal and moral obligation to protect students from age-inappropriate content, KBR’s solutions provide you with the ability to block access to adult content and malicious websites. We can also provide you with a way to control application usage. For example, you can stop users from using Netflix or Facebook in classrooms, or you can control access to resources by time of day or location.

Get in touch with the team to find out how we can help you today

Get in touch with the team to find out how we can help you today