Fortinet delivers high-performance security solutions for WiFi networks for any organisation, helping KBR understand how to be implement your WiFi solution. By protecting users from continually evolving threats, networks and data are protected when being used on a WiFi network. To find out more about Fortinet and their work – click below.

Cambium Access Points e500


Together with advanced management systems and WiFi products, Cambium can provide reliable installations that are affordable, connecting people, places and things together. Their scalable cloud-managed systems can also provide WiFi solutions for the home and small businesses that can accommodate indoor and outdoor enterprise local WiFi applications.


Aruba WiFi

An Aruba wireless access point is aiming to innovate the speed of mobile devices and IOT throughout organisations across the world. Today’s employees require collaborative and digitally connected environments – and Aruba know this. By installing ultra-fast WiFi solutions combined with IoT technologies, Aruba WiFi services can help your organisation flourish in a digital environment, together with KBR .

cisco meraki

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest-grade components, which makes them carefully optimised for a user experience that is seamless. By working together with KBR, this means that users can experience faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage, which means fewer support calls and downtime within an organisation.



As experts in guest WiFi marketing, Konnectifi offers solutions that allow businesses to provide free WiFi in exchange for a user’s online information and activity. Through highly tailored marketing messages, a guest WiFi solution can be the crucial factor between success and failure in 21st century business. Once users are logged in, Konnectifi can capture information that is invaluable, which is then tracked onto your own portal for your usage.

rg nets

RG Nets

In order to control end-user populations, RG Nets utilise solutions that allow operators to deliver clear communications and gain access to knowledge regarding user behaviours. In order to do this, their services include captive portals, content filtering, deep packet inspection, traffic inspection, and many other features.

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