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WiFi Surveys


Overloaded networks and WiFi black spots are detrimental to your business, hampering both connectivity and productivity. As part of our WiFi installation process, we can carry out an in-depth WiFi survey of your premises to determine the right type of solution for your needs.


Through using intelligent tools, we are able to measure the wireless coverage of your premises, as well as user density, access point locations and interference levels, identifying any problematic areas. This information is presented to you as a detailed report, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.


Our findings can then be used to implement stronger, more reliable WiFi networks that fully meet your organisational needs.


Delivers an accurate overview of the performance of your existing WiFi network.


Identifies problematic areas, creating clear action points.


Findings inform future network solutions designed to meet your needs.


Carried out using industry tools for high accuracy.


In-depth report created for additional business intelligence.

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