Why Choose KBR to Complete your WiFi Survey?

WiFi Surveys to Check Signal Strength

For added peace of mind we can carry out active WiFi surveys, often known as heat-map surveys. This involves the use of specialised hardware and software to measure the signal strength of our proposed WiFi solution in all parts of your site or campus.


This ensures we obtain the required signal strength in all the necessary areas on every type of mobile device you wish to connect to your new WiFi network. This can include both internal coverage in classrooms and lesson preparation areas as well as out in the playground, sports field or outdoor student communal areas.



Experienced Installers

We understand that every educational establishment is unique. The difference isn’t just in the teaching methods, key stages or financial constraints. A school can be built out of anything from historic solid stone to modern light-weight materials and everything in between.


In our many years in the WiFi industry we have installed wireless solutions from castles to lighthouses and from large-scale city centre universities to small rural schools. This experience provides us with the knowledge to survey and design your WiFi network correctly. Not just for signal coverage but also client density.

Meet our Sales Director

Any wireless network is only as good as the foundation it is built on. That is why, when we survey for your network, we audit your existing physical and active IT infrastructure. In doing so we can highlight any potential bottlenecks, current or future considerations and any other issues which may impact the performance of your new WiFi network.



Michael Wilkinson

Sales Director
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