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Meraki Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points


The Cisco Meraki MR series is the world’s first enterprise-grade line of cloud-managed WLAN access points. Designed for challenging enterprise environments, the MR access points use advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies including MIMO, beam forming and channel bonding to deliver the throughput and reliable coverage required by demanding business applications.

Centralised cloud management - power and intuition

Built in guest access with customise splash pages

Rapid reployment and scalability - for multi site networks

High performance RF design - maximise WiFi performance

Enterprise security and dedicated radio - out-of-the-box security

Built in BYOD - for user owned devices

Centralised Cloud Management

Powerful and intuitive centralized management


The award-winning Cisco Meraki cloud management architecture provides powerful and intuitive centralized management, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.


Seamlessly manage campus-wide WiFi deployments and distributed multi-site networks with zero-touch access point provisioning, network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based RF optimization, seamless firmware updates and more. With an intuitive browser-based user interface, Meraki WLANs configure in minutes without training or dedicated staff. Adding new sites to a network takes minutes, not hours or days, and there’s no need to train additional staff to monitor or manage the remote networks. Meraki devices self-provision, enabling large campus and multi-site deployments without on-site IT.

Class Leading Enterprise Features

Industry-leading features


The MR series comes equipped with industry-leading features that make them ideal for demanding enterprise deployments:


  • Self-configuring, plug-and-play deployment
  • 11ac and 802.11n MIMO with up to three spatial streams, built for voice and video
  • Integrated enterprise security and guest access
  • Dedicated radio for security (WIDS/WIPS) and RF optimization with integrated spectrum analysis
  • Self-learning application-aware traffic analytics engine
  • Flexible group policy engine for creating and applying application-aware policies by network, device-type, and end-user
  • Self-healing, zero-configuration mesh
  • Role-based administration and automatic, scheduled firmware upgrades delivered over the web
  • E-mail and text message alerts upon power loss, downtime, or configuration changes
  • Integrated Bluetooth low energy (BLE) radio provides site-wide Beacon and BLE scanning functionality

Rapid Deployment and Scalability 

Built for multi-site networks


Built from the ground up for multi-site networks, Meraki access points have revolutionized distributed branch wireless networking. Zero-touch deployments, multi-site visibility and control, and automated alerts make deploying, securing, and centrally managing branch networks a breeze.


The Meraki cloud-managed architecture enables plug and play branch deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations. Since Meraki MR series APs are managed entirely through the Meraki web-based dashboard, configuration and diagnostics can be performed remotely just as easily as they can be performed on-site, eliminating costly field visits. Each device downloads its configuration via Meraki’s cloud, applying your network and security policies automatically so you don’t have to provision them on-site.

High Performance RF Design 

Maximised WiFi performance


Every Meraki access point continuously and automatically monitors its surroundings to maximize WiFi performance. By measuring channel utilization, signal strength, throughput, signals from non-Meraki APs, and non-WiFi interference, Meraki APs automatically optimize WiFi performance of individual APs and maximize system-wide performance.


Meraki APs have been deployed and proven in the most demanding environments, supporting more than 100 users per AP and collectively serving hundreds of Megabits per second of user traffic to thousands of devices. By eliminating traditional hardware controllers, Meraki also eliminates the performance bottleneck that often chokes high-density wireless deployments. By measuring utilization from neighbouring APs, detecting WiFi signals from non-Meraki APs, and identifying non-WiFi interference, Meraki APs continuously stay on top of changing and challenging conditions.


Tools such as real-time spectrum analysis and live channel utilization deliver immediate information on the RF environment at any part of the network. Even in dynamic environments, Meraki networks automatically detect and adapt to interference from non-WiFi sources. Real-time and historical metrics ensure maximum system-wide performance. Wireless channels, AP output power, and client connection settings are automatically adapted to changing performance and interference conditions, eliminating the need for tedious manual adjustment of dozens of independent parameters.


Mesh networking, included in every Meraki AP, extends coverage to hard to wire areas and creates a self-healing network that is resilient to cable and switch failures, continuing to operate despite failures or configuration changes in the rest of the network, without the need for manual configuration or optimization.

Enterprise Security and a Dedicated Radio

Out-of-the-box enterprise security


The MR series comes equipped with complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security. Segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network from attacks and enforce the right policies for each class of users.


A built-in stateful policy firewall, 802.1X/RADIUS support, and native Active Directory integration deliver fine-grained access control, while a guest access firewall provides secure, Internet-only guest WiFi in just one click. Integrated network access control (NAC) provides end-user anti-virus scanning for accurate client device posture assessment to protect your wired and wireless network against virus infections.


Indoor APs feature a radio dedicated to full-time scanning, rogue AP containment, and automatic RF optimization. With Air Marshal, it is possible to set up a real-time wireless intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS) with user-defined threat remediation policies and intrusion alarms, enabling secure wireless environments without complex setup or systems integration. Auto RF eliminates the need for manual RF configuration by scanning the environment for utilization, interference, and other metrics, and computing the optimal channel and power settings for every AP in the network. Meraki WLANs are fully HIPAA and PCI compliant.

BYOD – Out of the Box

For user owned devices


User-owned devices have exploded onto networks everywhere, with new iPads, Androids, and smartphones connecting every day. Meraki MR series APs feature built-in support for BYOD and make it easier than ever to securely track and support user-owned iPads, tablets, smartphones, and laptops – without extra appliances, licenses, or complex VLAN configurations. Using integrated Layer 7 client fingerprinting, client devices are automatically identified and classified, letting you distinguish between iPads and iPhones, device operating systems, and even manufacturer.


Device-specific policies can be automatically applied to restrict, quarantine, or throttle user-owned devices. Client fingerprinting combined with a heuristics-driven reporting engine allows you to generate detailed reports of BYOD clients that have connected, measure the bandwidth and applications they’ve accessed, and even see their percentage of total traffic. Bonjour forwarding facilitates seamless discovery of Apple devices across VLANs, rounding out a full BYOD-centric feature set.


Complete with a free mobile device management (MDM) client agent called Systems Manager, monitor each of your organization’s devices, showing useful metrics including client hardware/software information and recent location, and centrally manage your corporate devices with a great degree of granulaity; log in with remote desktop or command-line, push new applications, and remotely lock and erase devices.

Built in Guest Access

Customise and intergrate your splash page


Meraki cloud management provides the ability to customize and integrate splash pages onto each Meraki MR Access point, with options for click-through or sign-on splash using your own RADIUS server or the Meraki cloud-based RADIUS user database.


The Meraki MR series features a complete array of built-in captive portal tools, including a guest ambassador portal for new-user sign-on, splash sign-in tracking, application blocking and traffic shaping, free and paid tiers of access, integrated credit-card processing and prepaid codes generation, and splash by-pass for corporate-issued or recognized devices.


  • User Analytics and Traffic Shaping
  • Multi-Site Management
  • Air Marshal: Real-Time Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
  • Live Troubleshooting Tools
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