School Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Solutions for Schools


Due to technological advances, the way we learn has dramatically changed and continues to develop at a rapid pace. It’s now a necessity that schools, academies and colleges, not only have access to the internet, but have a connection that is fast, flexible and reliable in order to make the most of online learning.


It goes without saying that internet access should be widely available anywhere and anytime, in order for students to access classroom material easily, download content quickly and stream videos. KBR understand that due to technical difficulties, such as a bad wireless connection and poor cabling, it’s not always that simple. KBR’s Wi-Fi solutions for schools can help.


With a rising number of mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, netbooks and e-Readers, the demands on school Wi-Fi networks increases every year. That’s why KBR work with schools, colleges and higher education institutions to install a WiFi solution that is reliable; one that can handle the right volume of connections on a daily basis with no loss of connectivity.


For more information on how our school Wi-Fi service can benefit primary, secondary and higher education establishments, visit the below pages or contact us directly.

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