KBR Unveils Fully Refurbished Office

KBR Unveils Fully Refurbished Office

KBR Unveils Fully Refurbished Office

There’s been a lot of exciting changes at KBR recently.

Now that our MBO is completed, new owners Gareth Tomlin (Managing Director) and Ruth Tomlin (Sales Director) decided it was time for a full company makeover. And so, with months of planning and discussions behind them, exciting changes are being put into motion across the company.

New identity

The new KBR is all about Keeping Business Running (not the initial of the original founders!), and the company’s updated look across all areas aims to reflect this. This will include new branding with an inclusive modern message, a brand new website, and even a rejuvenated office space.

New office

KBR office

Creating an open and welcoming space for both guests and staff was a key priority for the new management team at KBR. The new office space puts more emphasis on natural light and greenery, which creates a clean-air environment to be enjoyed by team members and visitors alike. The open-plan design also promotes a healthy level of wellbeing and interactivity.

New website

Additionally, a new website is currently under development. This new design aims to greatly improve the interactive experience for both new and existing customers, with a faster response time and live chat among the new features.

Overall, we have gone from strength to strength during this new phase, and the many successes enjoyed in 2019 alone are proof that things are moving in the right direction.

We are looking forward to introducing their fresh new look to businesses across the nation very soon.

If you’re frustrated that your WiFi solutions are not as fast, secure and/or reliable as they could be, you should consider getting in touch to find out how KBR can help you.