KBR WiFi launch new website catered specifically for the education sector


KBR WiFi launch new website catered specifically for the education sector

Leading North East WiFi company, KBR WiFi, has recently launched a fully responsive website for educational establishments looking to improve their internet connectivity and close the gap in the ‘digital divide’.

Birtley based KBR WiFi is launching a new website in April 2015 which solely focuses on WiFi, structured cabling and security solutions for primary schools, secondary schools and further education establishments.

The launch of the new site is part of KBR’s strategy to equip more schools across the UK with the resources needed to access innovative and effective digital learning solutions.

Why is this important?

A report released by the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), which coins the term ‘the digital divide’, found that pupils in more than half of all UK state schools have poor access to ICT and computers. In particular, poor wireless facilities were cited as a major problem in many schools, with 65% of primary schools and 54% of secondary schools considering themselves under-resourced when it comes to WiFi connectivity. It was this research which ignited Birtley based KBR WiFi’s mission to help spread the word about the solutions available from local companies

Managing Director and co-founder of KBR Robin Price commented on the new website, saying: “Access to the internet is an absolute necessity for teachers today. KBR are experts at providing WiFi and we have been installing effective WiFi and wired solutions to the education sector for 30 years. With our new web site, we hope to raise awareness of our brand and help even more educational establishments to gain reliable access to the internet.”

KBR’s new site outlines key challenges schools face and demonstrates how the North East company can solve those challenges quickly and effectively. The site will also include a key ‘resources’ section with useful exercises and tools to help teachers to teach children about using the internet safely.

If you’re interested in a WiFi solution from KBR, call 0191 492 1492 or email enquiries@kbr.co.uk.