KBR in Education Sector


KBR can create future-proof learning environments in schools, colleges and universities with high-speed WiFi and broadband, intelligent network security and sophisticated audio/visual solutions.

KBR in Enterprise Sector


Protect your business from attack with KBR’s intelligent network security solutions, stay connected with enterprise-grade WiFi and next-generation broadband, and implement a robust, scalable business infrastructure.

KBR in Hospitality Sector


Bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels can benefit from KBR’s social WiFi, allowing customers and guests to easily connect to the network and businesses to gain visibility of demographic data.

KBR in Outdoor Sector


From outdoor spaces to events, KBR’s social WiFi offers reliable, far-reaching coverage to allow guests to stay connected, share their experience and increase your business’ exposure.

KBR in Public Sector

Public Sector

Enhance the connectivity in your public sector organisation with KBR’s high-speed, reliable WiFi, protect from attacks with intelligent network security solutions and create a reliable, scalable infrastructure through cabling.

KBR in Retail Sector


Deliver a superior shopping experience in stores and retail centers with accessible social WiFi, safeguard payment information with intuitive network security solutions and connect with customers via professional audio/visual systems.

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