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Guest & Social WiFi


Your customers expect fast, reliable and secure WiFi connections as standard. Upgrade their experience with guest WiFi from leading provider KBR.


With this type of WiFi, users can easily connect using their social media accounts. For them, there’s no lengthy sign-up forms to fill out, giving them quick, easy access to high-speed, enterprise-grade WiFi.


Whatever your sector, social WiFi offers many benefits for your business. Users can like your social media profiles and ‘check-in’ at your business, increasing your brand exposure. Meanwhile, you’ll gain access to their demographic data which can be used to make more informed business decisions.


Provides easy access to a reliable, secure connection for users.


Understand your customers better through access to demographic data.


Send marketing messages to WiFi users about your products and services.


Increase interactions with your social media accounts.


Avoid legal WiFi issues as each user is authenticated.

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