KBR (The Company) recognises the importance of protecting the environment and will comply with relevant environmental legislation and Approved Codes of Practices relating to company activities.


The Company will establish appropriate objectives and targets which reflect our commitment to environmental improvement.


It is our policy to adopt measures which are reasonably practicable to continuously improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution.


Environment Policy

KBR will assess the environmental impacts of it’s activities and wherever practically and economically possible aim to :

Reduce the amount of waste generated

Reduce the consumption of energy

Increase the use of recyclable and recycled materials and substances

Avoid ground or water contamination

Avoid harmful emissions

Avoid the use of substances harmful to the environment

The Company will promote environmental awareness and understanding to all employees and working partnerships. Where practicable the Company will provide information and assistance to customers and suppliers with regard to environmental issues arising from its activities.


The Company will ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees and other interested parties ensuring they understand how their duties contribute to achieving compliance with this policy.


This policy and the environmental objectives and targets will be reviewed and updated, as necessary, during the annual management review.

ISO Assurances