Hear what our partners have to say:

John Devlin, E-safety Officer
Northumberland County Council


“KBR continue to support, maintain and guide schools in moving forward and keeping up to date with new technology.”


“When we have a problem KBR identify the issue and always come up with solutions very rapidly.


“KBR’s new technologies has allowed us, as a council, to move forward and push the boundaries. Schools are provided with the best solution for their needs and children are able to connect safely.”

“KBR have an understanding of a range of technology and the education market. They can bring forward solutions very quickly. They work in a very responsive way with the local authority and schools.”

Jeremy Mussell, IT Manager
Darlington College 


“I’ve worked with KBR for over 10 years and they still remain my first choice for cabling infrastructure. I’d highly recommend it to any other college or school.


“KBR is my preferable IT supplier because they are local and their staff are all friendly and very helpful. If we have any issues someone from KBR will come out within 24 hours to assess the situation and find a solution at a low cost.


“If we have a building extension I insist that the Project Manager, builder or architect use KBR for all structured cabling requirements. KBR is able to work with your current infrastructure and reuse existing cabling in order to lower costs.There is never any interference to class schedules as they are happy to come in out of term time. As soon as the work is done, the engineers will send across a report regarding all the testing. They are extremely responsive.”

“KBR has made IT more accessible to everyone at Darlington College. Their standard and quality of work is always beneficial. They are an excellent company and I really enjoy working with them. They are the best company I’ve worked with since I’ve been at the college.”

Katie Winter, Network Support Officer

Northumberland County Council


“The feedback we get from sites is that they’re very friendly, incredibly tidy and leave the site exactly how they found it; they don’t take over which some contractors do. If the site needs to make their network available KBR will work with them closely before they carry out work in areas which will take that network down. They’re very very thoughtful.”


“Because they’re local, so easy to work with and willing to find a solution, we’ve always come up trumps at the end and it’s been brilliant.”

“KBR are very easy to work with. When we first engaged with them they came back with a number of solutions which we were able to discuss with them.”

Richard Taylor, ICT Adviser
Northumberland County Council


“I have a great relationship with the team based on trust. A lot of the elements of trust come from KBR being at the leading edge with technology.


“We have a working relationship that benefits both of us. It’s good for the schools to see solutions get put in place quickly and it’s good for me to have someone to rely on.


“Out of all the companies I’ve dealt with there’s none I can think of that are so dependable, reliable and straight forward to work with than KBR.


“I have no hesitation in recommending KBR, not just because they are dependable and reliable, but because they are at the leading edge with technology. They can offer sound advice, never push things and always provide options. The value for money is tremendous and the backup and support is exceptional. It’s rare to find companies like that.”

“KBR has enabled schools in Northumberland to make a giant leap forward. KBR allowed us to put wireless in schools long before there was a demand for it by anticipating the growth of mobile devices.”