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Is your WiFi as fast (and secure) as it could be?

Many organisations are frustrated by their WiFi. It’s a liability, instead of being an ‘enabler of growth’.

It’s no secret that WiFi connectivity is the driving force behind an organisation’s ability to think, communicate, act, improve and grow. It really is that simple.

If you’re worried about the speed, security or integrity of your WiFi technologies, you should really consider speaking with KBR.


In addition to our intelligent WiFi and network security solutions, we offer a range of services too. We have a team of expert installation engineers who ensure that each solution is correctly implemented with minimal disruption to your business.


Business intelligence is important to us. To ensure you receive the right solution for your needs, we can carry out in-depth WiFi surveys to identify areas of improvements on your network, from coverage issues to user density. And, of course, whatever your requirements, we’re on hand to offer our expert advice.


KBR Services
KBR Solutions



With over 30 years’ experience, KBR has designed and implemented a number of projects across a variety of sectors.


We pride ourselves on being a professional WiFi provider, delivering high-speed WiFi and broadband to businesses and educational establishments to heighten both productivity and connectivity. Our guest WiFi solutions allow users to easily connect through their social media accounts and are particularly beneficial to the hospitality and retail sectors.


Keeping your data and day-to-day operations uninterrupted is our priority. Our network security is designed to safeguard your systems from attack, while our cable networking allows us to design and install a robust, scalable infrastructure that works with your business — not against it.



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