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Outdoor WiFi



You’re live streaming at a festival and – the connection’s lost.


Be it an outdoor event or visiting gardens and grounds, it happens to the best of us.


You are putting your brand at risk if you aren’t catering for the digital needs of your customer. Users need to seamlessly connect to post updates about their experiences, providing increased brand exposure for you, too.


If your business or event is located in an area of poor mobile coverage, KBR’s outdoor WiFi is the solution. We deliver reliable, secure WiFi coverage outdoors via multiple access points where required.


If you could benefit from our solutions for your outdoor space or event, contact KBR for an exploratory and confidential call.

KBR in Outdoor Sector

Full outdoor WiFi coverage across your outdoor or event space.


A secure, reliable connection for all users.



Multiple access points available for scalable coverage depending on your needs.


Enhanced business and event exposure through increased user connectivity.


Access to secure, reliable WiFi for your customers and guests.


Coverage across any size space through multiple access points.


Expert installation to ensure reliability over time.

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