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KBR specialises in providing quality WiFi solutions, including small business WiFi solutions and services for larger establishments. So, if you’re looking for a better internet management solution, we could be the perfect fit for your organisation.

small business wifi solutions, Outdoor WiFi Solutions

Nowadays, most users expect a fast and reliable performance from their WiFi. If your organisation isn’t able to provide a reliable WiFi service, it could lead to a noticeable drop in productivity, and could also seriously harm customer and business satisfaction. This is why KBR provides small business WiFi solutions and other services to support corporate networks and other setups.

KBR is a leading provider of small business WiFi solutions, as well as business grade WiFi for larger organisations, educational establishments, public sector organisations, retail outlets and the hospitality industry. Our connections are secure, safeguarding user privacy and the information shared across the network.

How does KBR WiFi work?

Our WiFi solutions can be implemented as part of your existing IT infrastructure or as a new installation. We understand your needs and will develop a business WiFi solution to suit.

Now more than ever, WiFi vendors need to provide organisations with a solution that keeps users connected at all times, can be utilised by multiple devices, and is protected from malicious content and malware.

At KBR, we can provide your organisation with a solution that unifies network connectivity and application security, which helps to provide market-leading network connectivity, visibility, application control and online safety. An infrastructural solution can be deployed through a unique channel management approach, which helps to provide unique reliability and traffic isolation advantages.

What causes slow WiFi?

There are many reasons why your WiFi isn’t performing as fast as it should, but if it’s sluggish, unreliable and slow over a long period of time, it could be due to one of the following reasons:


WiFi blind-spots

You may have WiFi blind-spots within your network. What this means is that your device cannot pick up a WiFi signal depending on your location. Ensure that every access point is in the optimum position to ensure maximum coverage – this will go a long way to ensuring a reliable connection.


Network interference

As wireless networking becomes more popular, wireless networks interfering with one another is increasingly becoming a major issue, causing signal-strength to lessen. To ensure minimal interference, KBR can recommend the correct frequency and installation for your organisation.


Poor equipment

When many people attempt to connect to a WiFi network at the same time, this can often jam the signal and decrease signal-speeds or leave users disconnected. By investing in high-speed equipment, KBR can provide you with a WiFi solution that offers high throughput speeds, which keeps performance and network reliability at a high level.


Other devices

Other wireless devices, such as cordless phones, can slow down your WiFi speed. If you suspect this may be causing your own WiFi to perform poorly, have a go at unplugging the devices one at a time to see if your internet performance improves.

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Benefits of working with KBR

Heat Map WIFI Surveys

Ensuring WIFI signal strength to all necessary internal areas as well as outside communal areas.


Expert Advice

Whether it’s advising on new technology, refining systems or simply troubleshooting we have you covered.

Minimum Disruption

Flexible solutions, keeping your business running as we upgrade your networks.


Professional Installation

With a team of installation experts, we install each of our solutions in-line with the latest British Standards.

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small business wifi solutions, Outdoor WiFi Solutions

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