Worried about cyber threats facing your business? If yes, know at least, that you are not alone.

According to recent research conducted by insurer Hiscox, almost three-quarters of businesses admit to being under-prepared for cyber-security attacks. With over three out of five firms (61%) reporting an attack in the last year – it’s simply not good enough.

That’s up from 45% the previous year (we suspect these figures are probably higher…).

In addition to this, the frequency of attacks has also increased distinctly. Among firms that experienced cyber-attacks, the proportion reporting four or more incidents has risen from 20% to 30%. There is no hiding from the statistics.

So, what can you do? Here are some simple, practical steps you can take to mitigate the risks and Keep Your Business Running:

1. Take Caution With Embedded Email Links

Phishing scams are a common social engineering technique used to deceive users. Clicking on these links leave you vulnerable to a whole array of threats, and risks releasing your sensitive information to cyber-criminals. KBR’s inbuilt spam filtering system ensures suspicious emails are filtered to prevent harmful malware and viruses damaging your computer systems.

2. Install Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software scans your computer systems to separate any potentially harmful content. The purpose is to alert users before they open any dangerous sites and to safeguard you whilst online. Our cyber-security is a holistic network WiFi security that is industry-leading in protecting your data and users from viruses, malware attacks, and inappropriate content.

3. Your Firewall Must Be Switched On

It is vital your computer’s firewall is turned on to stifle out worms, viruses and hackers. With the many dangers presented by the internet, you cannot overlook this simple step. The highest quality firewall and security solutions are inbuilt to our broadband solutions, to provide safe and fast access to content.

4. Change Your Passwords Regularly

Stop neglecting those ‘time to change your password’ prompts. To counteract hackers when connected to a WiFi network, it is important you update passwords regularly. In addition to this, the complexity of your passwords must be taken into consideration. Cyber-criminals are becoming savvier than ever, and so your partner’s forename simply won’t cut it. A combination of capitals, numbers and symbols are essential for creating the most secure and safest passwords.

5. Avoid The Autofill

Resist the temptation to store your passwords and credentials on your computers. Should someone wrongly gain access to your information, you are practically giving away your information, such as credit or debit card details. Hackers can also obtain information without you knowing via hidden boxes they have embedded onto your screen. Always re-enter this information as needed. Our network security solutions ensure hackers are prevented from learning your information, and keep your information safe.

6. Protect Your Web Applications

Hackers specifically target web-facing applications. If your data from web server to browser is not encrypted, it can be intercepted by third parties to gather data being transferred between the two systems. KBR’s web application security service ensures you’re protected from the latest web application vulnerabilities, bots and suspicious urls. Our sophisticated detection engines mean that your applications are safe from more advanced threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, cookie poisoning, malicious sources and DoS attacks.

7. Danger Downloads

Sometimes, things really are too good to be true. Be suspicious of being told you’re a ‘winner’, and to ‘download now to claim your prize.’ Free downloads often contain viruses, spyware or adware and are potentially dangerous to your computer systems. Our tailored cyber-security blocks potential harmful content from attacking your network.

Following the above seven steps can help you and your business fall within the 39% of firms who are yet to report a cyber-attack this year.

If you are serious about fully protecting your business from the increasing threat posed by cyber-security attacks, you should really consider one of KBR’s solutions. We take the extra measure to protect you online, so you don’t have to.

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