From nursery to secondary, all schools should have an up-to-date CCTV solution. CCTV has been proven to be a great deterrent to bullying, anti-social behaviour, vandalism, and crime.  

CCTV for schools protects everyone. Students & staff can relax knowing that, should crime and incidents happen, they will be tracked and monitored. But with every school being different in terms of infrastructure, size, and budget, it can be difficult to properly identify the right solution for you. 


Why your school needs CCTV 


Crime Deterrent

By having CCTV installed, crimes can be prevented from happening. According to the College of Policing, crime can be reduced by as much as 1/3rd when CCTV is combined with other security measures (such as fences and lighting).

Cost effectiveness

CCTV solutions are an excellent cost-effective alternative to hiring your own security staff. Alternatively, CCTV can help to maximise the efficiency of your existing security staff by displaying extensive areas of property from a control centre. Alerts (described below) can maximise efficiency further by reducing the need to actively monitor certain areas.

Improve site safety 

Perhaps most importantly, site safety can be improved and monitored in real time. Our remote monitoring equipment allows you to spot security threats before they cause any harm or disruption.


School CCTV: what are your options? 


We appreciate that all schools have different requirements and budgets when considering a CCTV solution. To address this, we have a variety of capabilities to suit any size of school.  

Our CCTV solutions allow our clients to monitor their premises around the clock, with HD recording and playback to ensure a high level of security for your school. Our cameras suit any environment, from outdoor weatherproof, to wide angle indoor and discrete units. 

Our systems can also intelligently flag events based on criteria, such as movement in a motion detection area. This can free up time and human resource that can be utilised elsewhere. Additionally, our cameras can detect if they are being tampered with, providing alerts if and when the tampering occurs. 


Installation to suit any schedule 


With over thirty years of experience in the IT industry, KBR promises to install all CCTV solutions with minimal fuss. We are highly accustomed with school schedules, so we know that installs can be time/date restricted to reduce disruption. We will work around your schedule to provide the quickest and most streamlined install possible. 

We appreciate that each network design will be specific to the needs of the user and the specified installation. With Technical Engineers trained in IP network design you can rest assured that KBR will offer sound advice on the design of the network infrastructure. 

We strive to deliver the best by offering products and services that are both reliable and affordable. It is our mission to provide customers with quality products at the most competitive prices paired with an exceptional level of customer service. 


Looking to install or upgrade CCTV at your school? Give us a call on 0191 492 1492 or email for more information, or to discuss your individual requirements. 

 , CCTV for Schools: Choosing the right set-up

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