Mobile devices are the pencil, paper, and textbooks for students today. When hundreds of students with tablets, netbooks, and laptops hit your school’s WiFi network at the same time, online learning can come to a standstill. Is your school ready to on-board hundreds of mobile devices at the same time? Will students have to wait, idle and disengaged, while your IT staff troubleshoots connectivity problems? What happens if poor WiFi prevents some students from taking exams online?

With a WiFi network from KBR WiFi, your network isn’t the problem, it’s the solution. Whether you favour 1:1 computing or BYOD, KBR Wi-Fi solutions ensure fair and reliable access to educational materials, applications and online resources. You can on-board any user on any device quickly, easily and securely, even when students bring their own devices and the whole school connects at once. You can deliver smooth, continuous connectivity to students and teachers whether they’re sitting in class, walking to the library or packing an auditorium for the school play.

Digital learning works when the WiFi works. Give your students access to uninterrupted learning with KBR WiFi solutions.


Three simple steps:


Schools can use our WiFi solutions to simplify digital learning, whether your school uses laptops on carts, 1:1 learning or BYOD. You can deploy an uninterrupted learning network for your school in three simple steps:

  1. On-board: Quickly and securely provision any device, automatically mapping user or guest access to IT policies. Our software solution maps network access and guest management to your IT policies.
  2. Connect: Ensure reliable access to your wireless network in classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and even sports fields. We provide the wireless access points and controllers, along with the software tools you need, to administer the network across your entire school.
  3. Learn: Confidently deploy interactive curricula, classroom management, and other online resources that depend on the reliability and performance of the wireless network. With KBR WiFi you’re ready to give online tests, and engage students with interactive learning.


Au Revoir to ‘Bonjour’:


Overcome the challenges of Bonjour on schools networks

In school, people want to use their iPads and MacBooks to print email, photos, web pages and e-books. Apple AirPrint makes that easy, and Apple AirPlay makes it easy from Apple iOS devices to widescreen TVs. The challenge is that Apple Bonjour, the underlying protocol used by AirPlay and AirPrint, was designed to work in home WiFi networks.

Our WiFi solutions include Bonjour support, giving mobile users the experience they expect with AirPlay, AirPrint, and other services that rely on Bonjour while IT has the control it needs. No changes need to be made to WiFi client devices.

Improve your roaming: 


Unlike traditional WiFi networks, where devices see dozens of access points operating on different channels, our WiFi solution gives each user device a single virtualised point of access that enables your network to manage connections over the best available access point. Clients can roam between access points without experiencing the ‘sticky client’ problem. No matter how many physical access points your network has.


What our clients have to say: 


“We have seen a massive improvement since KBR upgraded our WiFi network. All our mobile devices now access the WiFi much faster than they did before the upgrade.” Angela Sheret, ICT Coordinator, Burnside Primary School

“KBR offer a professional and friendly service and give us full confidence that any work we need undertaken will be completed to the highest standard. We can’t recommend them enough. However big or small the job, KBR offer an excellent initial consultation and then installation service.” Jonathan Buttner, IT Manager, George Stephenson High School

“Just started working with KBR and I have found their service to be flawless. I would recommend KBR to any school or company.” Lindsey Brown, IT Technician, Red House Academy

“The way the new WiFi system handles Apple traffic is much better than the old system and makes a really difference to the school’s mobile learning.” John Harwood, Harwood Technical Services Ltd.

“Out of all the companies I’ve dealt with there’s none I can think of that are so dependable, reliable and straight forward to work with than KBR.” Richard Taylor, ICT Adviser (Schools), Northumberland County Council

“We have used KBR services for many years, they are a company of high integrity. Their service is always excellent and efficient and they go above and beyond what is required to ensure customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend their service.” Debbie Linsely School Business Manager, Richardson Dees Primary School


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