High quality wireless Internet connections can transform creative learning in primary schools. Reliable, quick Wi-Fi allows teachers to teach creatively and simultaneously enables hundreds of students to learn in new and exciting ways.


What is Creativity?

It can often be hard to explain what exactly creativity is. In 2001, Bill Lucas described it as ‘a state of mind in which all of our intelligences are working together. It involves seeing, thinking and innovating.’

One of the biggest challenges facing primary schools in the 21st century is creating an environment where students can bring ideas together from different parts of the curriculum and apply their learning creatively in real world situations. That’s where Wi-Fi comes in.


Wi-Fi Opens Up Classroom Learning

Excellent Wi-Fi infrastructure makes modern creative education possible. Wireless connectivity opens up the learning environment to the world beyond the classroom, enabling students to develop independent learning and research skills through their digital devices.

When they are able to use laptops, smartphones and tablets in the classroom, students can access information online and discover new opportunities to collaborate with each other or their teachers.


Digital Technology Includes Everyone in Learning

Education researcher Anna Craft argues that in order to develop the creative abilities of students, ‘schools should adopt a learner-inclusive approach’ to teaching and learning.

Digital devices can help all students to engage in class learning. Reliable wireless broadband makes this possible, because students of all abilities can connect to the network at the same time.

Differentiated examples and tasks are readily available through educational apps and websites, no matter whether students are studying maths, learning basic programming, or developing their literacy skills.


Wireless Lets Teachers Teach Creatively

Access to wireless also helps teachers to teach creatively, because higher bandwidths enable the use of multimedia resources such as images and videos to engage learners with different learning styles.

The best wireless technology allows students to learn anywhere on the school site. Classes can use their digital devices to document their learning in different contexts, take images and video, record audio and compose text that captures their experiences and thoughts.

Wi-Fi makes it possible to collaborate and share new ideas when all students’ devices work seamlessly together. Students can routinely screen-share their work with the class or participate in groups to co-develop success criteria for a new project.


Wi-Fi Makes it Easier to Reflect on Learning

Wireless technology makes it easy for students and teachers to track learning and make connections between lessons. Students can check their understanding by looking at saved work on their touchscreen, or get help by looking at teacher or student models of their work on-screen.

During plenary sessions, students can use their devices to amend and assess their own or other students’ work. Teachers can also pick any student’s work at random to show to the class, helping everyone to avoid or correct common mistakes.


Improving Skills Across the Curriculum

Wi-Fi enhances students’ digital ICT skills across the curriculum by making it possible to use digital technology every day in every subject area. This prepares students for their lives beyond school, giving them the creative and digital skills to thrive in the 21st century.

KBR has 30 years of expertise in the digital education sector. We are the biggest supplier of bespoke wireless for schools in the north east of England.


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