Using IT in the classroom – iPads, computers, access to the internet – not only enhances the learning experience of children, but helps to set them up for a career in the modern world, where a high degree of IT literacy is expected.

At KBR, we are passionate about providing teachers, parents and students with tools, technology and information to encourage the development of IT skills in children. One of the core ways in which we do this is through the provision of our industry leading WiFi solutions.

Bringing our passion for WiFi technology and education together, we have created this list of ‘Five Clever Ways to use IT in the Classroom’. Have you tried all five?

Email pen-pals

We all remember pen-pals – where we’d all write out letters to friends in other countries. Well, what about finding a school in another part of the country, or even in another country and setting up an email exchange programmes for your students? Pupils can practice crafting, typing and sending emails, and they can find new ways to make their letters come alive with technology. For example, they might make a video diary that they send via email, they might attach photos they’ve taken or you might ask them to pick a news story that interested them and send it to their pen-pal explaining why they liked the article.

Set up a project bespoke to your class or school

Using a section of your existing school web site, or even creating a special site via the blogging platform WordPress, you could encourage your students to engage in a special project. For example, you might ask your class to read and review their favourite book, or a film they’ve watched recently, write up a review and add it to the web site. Students could write up their reviews, film them, or record them as pod casts. Over time, the class would build a library of books and films the students and parents can use to select their new book or family film. You could use this approach for any project. Another idea could be to build an online cooking library with cuisine ideas from around the world. Imagine the fun you could have adding photos and videos to the site.

Write a news story online

Most schools now have their own web site, with a news or blog section. Why not ask your class to write a news story about the school and publish it on the school web site. The students could interview other students in the school, and could take their own photos to enhance the story. Learning how to add content to web sites, and bring it to life with quotes and photos is a skill they can build on in future roles. Taking it a step further, you could ask the children to summarise what they have written about, shortening the story to 140 characters suitable for a Tweet!

Encourage BYOD

Students of all ages now have far more access to technology – whether that’s in the form of mobile phones, consoles, tablets or computers. Students could be encouraged to bring in their favourite devices and show the class what skills they have developed from using the device, or how they use it to complete homework. This will help to introduce more pupils to more devices, and will encourage more students to think about how technology is helping them to learn at home, as well as at school.

Set up a video conference

Why not show your pupils just how ‘reachable’ the world is. Using Skype, or Apple’s Facetime, you could set up a video conference with a school in another country. Using the same idea, you could even arrange for five professionals across the region or UK to talk to your pupils, via video, about their jobs and careers as part of a careers day programme.

Choose KBR as your WiFi Partners:

Of course, providing children access to the internet, requires a fast and reliable WiFi connection. KBR specialise in providing WiFi solutions to the education sector across the UK.

With over 30 years’ expertise, we understand that every school, academy, college and institution of further education is unique. We work with over 500 schools and colleges in the UK to equip teachers and pupils with the technology and network solutions required to access reliable and safe mobile learning.

Trust in us to install and maintain fast, reliable WiFi that will enable you to create a flexible, mobile and stimulating learning environment.

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