With the growing digital demands placed on modern organisations, it is now more crucial than ever for IT services to be able to perform consistently across educational establishments, the public sector organisations and other businesses.  

Regular disruption to WiFi connectivity leads to operational downtime, lowering productivity and wasting valuable resources. And, with the growing number of cyber threats, it’s important for organisations across all sectors to implement reliable network security that can support and protect all digital assets. 

Because of this, we’ve identified some ways you can make key improvements to your organisation’s connectivity, network security and IT infrastructure in the year ahead. 

Find a WiFi provider you can trust 

Having a fast, reliable WiFi solution should be the standard, yet many businesses still suffer from poor connectivity that disrupts daily tasks and lowers productivity. 

As staff in organisations of all sizes require an internet connection to carry out 80-90% of their daily tasks, and this number is only going to increase into 2020 and beyond. This is why avoidable problems such as network interference and outdated equipment should be negated as a top priority.  

Whether you need a brand new WiFi installation or updates to your existing setup, KBR can offer your organisation fast and secure WiFi solutions to fit any and all requirements, from Guest WiFi to Point-to-Point (PtP) Network Solutions

Fortify your Network Security 

Cyber security must be high priority for every organisation, no matter the size. With a rise in cybercrime, businesses are more at risk of network security breaches than ever before. In fact, current figures indicate that small businesses in the UK are successfully hacked every 19 seconds. 

As technology evolves, so should your network security setup. Organisations need to apply additional layers of digital protection to safeguard their customer, staff and company data. Intelligent network security solutions like having a secure Guest WiFi network, educating your staff and installing strong security and antivirus software can help to keep your network safe from malicious security breaches. 

Build a reliable IT Infrastructure 

To ensure your business can continue to perform efficiently into 2020 and beyond, it is vital to build a reliable IT infrastructure and utilise futureproof equipment wherever possible. Whether you require WiFi, cable networkingbroadband or security systems, there is no time like the present to refine or replace your existing solutions. 

This process can seem daunting for any organisation exploring IT network updates, but it doesn’t need to be. Working with industry experts like KBR means minimum disruption to your daily operations as your networks are upgraded by our installation professionals. After all, we’re known for keeping business running for a reason. 

If you need specialist advice on how to improve your connectivity, security and infrastructure, contact our team on 0191 492 1492 or email info@kbr.co.uk

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