(Image from the HACK2HOLE Facebook page)

KBR are extremely proud to be sponsors for HACK2HOLE, a society for disabled golfing enthusiasts based in the North East of England.

HACK2HOLE was set up to support disabled and injured golfers and provide a place for them to partake in their hobby in a safe, secure environment tailored specifically to disabled members, but inclusive for all golf enthusiasts.

The society was set up by Neil Joyce, who endured two major operations over the past few years in order to treat his crumbling spine, and who first contacted the Disability Golf Association around 6 years ago with the hope of finding a way to enjoy golf again, despite being confined to a wheelchair.

After attending some events further afield with the Association (and representing his country), Neil set out to create his own local destination for disabled and injured golfers – which lead to the origin of HACK2HOLE.

Gareth Tomlin, our Technical Director, met Neil, and introduced him to KBR, which lead to us providing an ongoing sponsorship for the society. This has been a huge contributor in allowing HACK2HOLE to grow and have a positive impact on more disabled golfers’ lives across the region.

Speaking of how the KBR sponsorship has aided the society, Neil says that ‘The money allowed us to become an established society quite quickly. We had some art work done to build the brand, bought an events pop-up banner, some event trophies and, later, a memorial shield named after my brother – which we now play a league format each year for.”

HACK2HOLE has grown from 7 members to 32 in less than three years, and this year they played their first invitational against the ‘Hackers and Whackers’ from Teesside.

“The personal journey some have gone on is outstanding”, says Neil. “I went from playing no golf and being in a wheelchair, to representing Team England in a national event against Scotland.”

“The fitness levels of all involved have improved, and the confidence that people are gaining is invaluable. When you have an accident, your life changes; you can lose work, lose friends and issues like depression can arise – HACK2HOLE may just seem like a golf society to an outsider, but the reality is that it is so much more.”

“We feel the importance of KBR will never be underestimated; from the initial conversation, to years of experience that got us going – the continued support is, for us, a brilliant partnership.”

We at KBR are honoured to provide sponsorship for such a worthy cause. If you’d like to find out more about HACK2HOLE, visit their Facebook page.

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