Is your school WiFi network ready for tomorrow’s mobile education needs? More than 70% of schools are not WiFi ready!

The mobile revolution is bringing about unprecedented changes in today’s classrooms. One-to-one computing has arrived and education is rapidly moving towards mobile learning on the likes of iPads, Android Tablets and Google Chromebooks, which can only communicate with the school’s network over WiFi as they have no wired network port. As a result of the fantastic choice of educational applications and the fact that students are so comfortable using these types of devices in their homes, lessons are now being written around this technology which means the lesson cannot be taught without fast, reliable WiFi and suitable internet access.

KBR’s wireless solution provides a powerful wireless network that supports BYOD, guards against every type of wireless protocol and RF attack, malware and viruses, and allows for complete control of application usage.

Find out how our custom built solution will meet your school’s WiFi needs in 2016 and beyond!


Holistic Network Security

Wireless networks have always demanded stringent security policies. Now, the flood of student owned-devices joining a school’s network only makes the need for holistic mobile security, even more acute.

Tackling malware, viruses and inappropriate content must be at the heart of your wireless strategy. This requires more visibility and control of network traffic than ever before.

KBR provides a unified threat management system which not only eliminates the number of security incidents that could put key services at risk, but also contains information on the viruses, attacks and blocks detected, notifying the relevant person quickly and automatically for effective decision-making.

With KBR, councils can interconnect their schools, centrally administer BYOD policies, and implement world-class security to combat the constant threat from malware and viruses, as well as complying with regulatory requirements in child protection legislation.

Our solutions are also backed by a core research facility, which continually researches the latest attacks, receives real-time updates to protect against newly discovered virus and malware threats and ultimately provides your network with immediate and ongoing protection.


Improved use of Resources

KBR’s secure WLAN solution is uniquely suited to the needs of primary and secondary education, where budgets are tight and network administration resources are in short supply.

All of our solutions are scalable to meet current and projected bandwidth requirements and our approach to security can reduce staff time spent on network management and troubleshooting by 90%.

The KBR solution also provides detailed and customisable reporting on items such as staff, student and guest group usage, as well as information on viruses, attacks and blocks detected.


Advanced BYOD

As schools embrace BYOD, onboarding the array of different devices – laptops, e-readers, tablets, smartphones and wearables sporting a variety of OSs – must be automated with a reliable self-service solution. However, care must be taken over network security as every new device poses a threat to the integrity of the network as a potential carrier of malware and viruses.

The KBR WiFi Solution enables seamless self-service onboarding with device integrity checks, virus scans and authentication setup, with a variety of user authentication options to choose from: until a user is properly authenticated and their device is checked, they are kept in a ‘walled garden’. Furthermore, whilst our solution for primary and secondary schools allows for unlimited device onboarding and integrity checks, you can specify how many devices individuals can onboard. With ‘Application Control’, you can apply ‘policy-based control’ over any application usage.


Web Filtering

Children are easily lured to websites that contain inappropriate adult content. With a schools’ legal and moral obligation to protect students from age-inappropriate content, KBR’s unique WiFi solution provides you with the ability to block access to adult content and malicious websites.


Bandwidth Management

With so many demands on the network at any one time, application usage needs to be controlled, so priority applications such as communications or lesson critical applications get a guaranteed service level at the expense of less important traffic. For example, you can stop users from using Netflix or Facebook in classrooms, or you can control access to resources by time of day or location. This can be done on a group level and at individual user or device level too.

Our solution recognises over 3,300 application signatures, and it does its deep packet inspection in hardware which adds negligible latency to application performance. With complete application visibility you can define granular policies over application usage by users, enabling superior control over priority and bandwidth utilisation.


Indoor and Outdoor Coverage

The design of your wireless network is of critical importance. As experienced installers, KBR take into account the full coverage needed, both indoors and outdoors and plan for the required coverage by placing Access Points in the right formation for maximum coverage. If your connections are weak, and ‘drop off’ regularly, it might mean that your network deployment has created ‘blind spots’ where wireless devices cannot pick up the signal.

Providing complete coverage for all indoor and outdoor applications, KBR offers a full range of APs, from single radio 802.11n through to dual ratio 3×3 MIMO 802.11ac devices, including plenum rated models for installation in classroom ceilings.

Smoke detector styling on indoor models allows for discrete installation in classrooms, removing the temptation for students to tamper with them, whilst more robust outdoor models are suitable for the most extreme conditions including high-school sports stadiums.


Why Choose KBR:

KBR specialise in providing WiFi solutions to the education sector across the UK.

With over 30 years’ expertise, we understand that every school, academy, college and institution of further education is unique. We work with over 500 schools and colleges in the UK to equip teachers and pupils with the technology and network solutions required to access reliable and safe mobile learning.

Trust in us to install and maintain fast, reliable WiFi that will enable you to create a flexible, mobile and stimulating learning environment.

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