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WiFi, AV & Network Security Solutions For Education

As classrooms become more digitally dependent, KBR works with schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments to create future-proof learning environments and allow students to access classroom material easily, from downloaded content to streaming educational videos.


KBR is a leading provider of high-grade WiFi, broadband and intelligent network security solutions to deliver uninterrupted, secure connections to classrooms for both students and teachers. We help you respond to the higher demand created by the increased use of mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, netbooks and e-Readers.


Likewise, our audio visual solutions are an effective teaching aid, providing a more immersive and interactive learning experience than traditional equipment can.


Each of our solutions is professionally installed by our team of experts. Our knowledge of network cabling means we’re able to offer a complete wiring solution, working with your existing data cabling or creating a bespoke network that best supports your needs.


KBR understands the importance of WiFi in primary schools, secondary schools and further education establishments and how it can influence the learning experience and create more relevant teaching methods for modern day teachers and students. Our WiFi solutions are reliable and can handle different volumes of users on a daily basis – with no frustrating lost connections.


School WiFi is essential to enhance the learning experience of young people who are growing up in a digital world. As we become more technologically advanced, it’s becoming a necessity for schools to implement an internet connection within their establishment to equip students with the right skills they need for later life.

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Primary Schools


Secondary Schools


Further Education



Deliver a greater educational experience through improved connectivity.


Improve the reliability of systems with increased network security.


Use technology to deliver engaging lessons that appeal to all learner types.


Adjust your systems to cope with increasing demand for connectivity.


Enable a BYOD culture in college and universities to minimise technology costs.


Find a customisable solution to upgrade your entire system or just part of it.


Reliable, high-speed WiFi and broadband for greater connectivity throughout the educational establishment.


Network security designed to protect your system, students and teachers from threats.


Intelligent audio visual solutions expertly installed for a greater learning experience.


Sophisticated network cabling that works alongside your existing network systems.


Point-to-point connectivity to link two locations over a shared connection; perfect for split campuses.

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