Giving students continued access to up to date computer equipment can involve various obstacles. Leasing laptops for schools, therefore, is often the best option.

It’s important for schools, colleges, academies and universities to have total control and peace of mind when managing their budgets throughout the year. Additionally, because IT equipment is evolving and updating at such a rapid rate, it can prove extremely difficult to ensure students have up to date equipment without exceeding spending limits.

Of all the leasing solutions out there, an operating lease is the best option for educational institutions.

What is an ‘Operating Lease’?

An operating lease is the only leasing solution available to state-funded schools which doesn’t require prior approval.

This option gives educational establishments full, immediate access to the leased equipment, in return for regular instalments paid to their finance company of choice. There is then the option to renew the agreement or return the equipment at the end of the agreed period.

Below are just a few of the key benefits of leasing laptops for schools (along with other IT equipment).

Spreads the cost

One of the biggest benefits of leasing laptops for schools and other educational establishments is that it enables them to spread the cost over the length of the agreement, rather than paying a large upfront sum. This makes leasing for schools the most cost-effective option.

Additionally, the leasing company may include things such as installation services and maintenance as part of the agreement. This may increase the monthly cost but is still a better option than paying a total additional fee, which can often be substantial.

Easy upgrades

Technology evolves at a rapid rate. Because of this, educational institutions often find that their laptops and other IT equipment quickly become outdated. This can prove especially frustrating when a large portion of the annual budget has been used to purchase assets in bulk.

This is another advantage of leasing laptops for schools. Schools and other establishments will sometimes be given the option to upgrade their equipment as part of the terms of their existing agreement. This may involve updating the terms depending on the assets but is far more beneficial in terms of managing costs and giving students long-term access to the best possible equipment.

Protects credit lines

Operating lease agreements are considered as additional finance lines, which means they do not affect existing banking arrangements. This is hugely beneficial for protecting and maintaining credit lines.

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