With technology firmly underpinning a wide array of corporate operations, it should not overly surprise that a company’s efficiency can be hugely curbed as a result of IT security breaches.

Furthermore, ongoing developments can strengthen the likelihood of particular threats. For example, recent cyber-attacks like NotPetya and WannaCry draw attention to the emergence of this particular type of threat – though, this year, businesses should also heed the following major risks…


Attacks of this type have been cited as the leading threat to businesses in research unveiled by the BSI and the Business Continuity Institute and reported by Management Today.

Despite their prominence, cyber-attacks are often attributable to avoidable human errors, like failing to regularly update computer software which can include valuable fixes to IT security. However, the likelihood of cyber-attack is still likely to rise due to firms’ rising use of Internet of Things devices.

Data breach

Though GDPR’s arrival will significantly tighten ways in which businesses can use their EU-based clients’ and customers’ data, there remain lingering concerns about confidential data possibly being lost or stolen. However, preparation can help your firm make timely responses to breaches.

The Internet of Things – or IoT – could prove an inadvertent culprit for data breaches. This is because IoT devices including alarm systems and medical apparatus lack their own security, as Entrepreneur cautions; hence, these devices can potentially leave a backdoor for hackers to exploit.

Unplanned IT outages

Over a third of businesses worldwide are extremely concerned about the possibility of losing critical infrastructure. However, your company can take steps to reduce the potential impact of such outages in case they do occur. Your business should not hold off carrying out impact assessments.

You should also have your company’s crucial data daily backed up. This can help you to measure the speed with which your staff could realistically recover from an outage.

Interruptions in vital supply

You may recall how severe weather like that brought on by the hurricanes Irma and Harvey cut off people’s access to basic services. You should remember this as you consider how such weather and other adverse events might hit your firm if water or power supplies are lost, especially for a while.

The loss of such supplies can wreak havoc given the tight deadlines which businesses can often face. Therefore, it is vital that your firm thoroughly plans the continuity it would pursue in disaster’s wake.

Supply chain disruption

Various businesses are hugely reliant on their suppliers; indeed, these ties help form the backbone of the world economy. However, when you share valuable and sensitive information with suppliers, you lose direct control over that information and so risk a security breach.

For this reason, the Information Security Forum has urged organisations to spend 2018 focusing on their supply chains’ weakest spots, reports Infosecurity Magazine. With our IT network security solutions, we can help you plug gaps which might have formed in your online security infrastructure as your online relationships and exchanges with suppliers have developed.

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