The emergence of WiFi 6 presents an opportunity for the education sector, in particular, to experience several beneficial changes over the next few years. WiFi networks in schools, colleges, and universities currently are dealing with an increased load of media-rich content and multiple devices per student. Networks are set to face an even higher number of devices as well as the emergence of many new technologies that will rely greatly on WiFi connectivity.

Experts have spotted several trends in the education sector that are changing the way we see wireless today. An increasing use of high throughput applications, a higher density of wireless devices, as well as a shift in where student learning takes place, will all contribute to the emergency of new wireless requirements for the education institutions. 

A survey found that 50% of students who live on campus bring 5 or more devices to school.

WiFi 6, also known as 802.11ax, enjoys an improved performance in high-density environments as well as faster throughput. Overall, thanks to its faster speed, better device battery life, and less network congestion, its new capabilities are designed to meet the technological demands of the educational institutions of the future.   

What makes WiFI 6 a top performer across schools and college and university campuses is some of its new features. OFDMA, downlink and uplink MU-MIMO, Target Wake Time (TWT), BSS colouring will be allowing students and teachers to experience always-on connectivity, with very little network congestion.  

According to recent studies, 45% of higher education students think that wireless access on campus needed improvement.

Here’s why your educational institution should consider upgrading to WiFi 6: 

The emergence of new wireless devices 

The advancement in the field of wireless technology is showing no signs of slowing downEducational institutions are most likely to be flooded by new wireless devices faster than elsewhere. With students being back to schools, colleges and universities alike, institutions need to be prepared to deal with the hundreds or thousands of new devices, in addition to all legacy devices. WiFi 6 has the capabilities to vastly improve the performance of both indoor and outdoor WiFi technologieswhich is a plus for schools aspiring to provide great wireless connections.  

The new learning tools 

A lot of the teaching and learning today is going remote. It is entertaining to think that some of today’s primary and secondary school students have probably never experienced life without the internet. Educational institutions are increasingly making use of new technologies for learning. Traditional classrooms and textbook learning have seen an upgrade to digital learning processes, tools, and experiences. This can be highly effective for learning in both schooland in higher education. However, to ensure uninterrupted learning and to be able to reap the benefits of investing in new technology, establishments across the UK need to ensure their WiFi networks are up to scratch. 

The venue experience  

Stadiums, event spaces, and sports fields are increasingly seeing more and more devices as many viewers stream media and engage with their surroundings and devices. Traffic patterns in stadiums can change very quickly and such venues are likely to experience bursts of traffic during events, which can quickly cause network congestion. WiFi 6 offers consistent data throughput in dense environments, like school venues, as well as a wider coverage range both indoors and outdoors. 

Multiple devices 

Educational institutions know that technology can make learning fun, engaging, and interactive. Students and pupils are used to bringing several devices with them to campus, so schools need to be able to support more than one device per student. All of this is on top of the school-provided devices, learning technologies, and IoT. Being able to support all of these devices at once, in high-density areas, is key to ensuring a positive experience for both students and staff. WiFi 6 is a great way to mitigate the issues of putting many WiFi devices in a single network.  

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