As students are gradually being ushered back into the classroom, schools and other educational establishments must ensure they are well equipped from a cyber security solutions perspective.

The latest data shows that, over the past year, an alarming number of institutions have identified security breaches (see infographic below).

, Firewalls for Education

So, whether you’re in primary, secondary or higher education, having an efficient education-specific firewall in place is essential. But what should you look for in an education firewall?

Cost Effectiveness

Budgets – all schools have them. A quality firewall solution can end up being a significant line item expense, so make sure you don’t go overboard. Make sure the firewall provider you’re speaking with has experience in the education sector; this will ensure they understand your needs and won’t charge for any useless add-ons.

KBR have a wealth of experience providing security solutions for education, and are currently upgrading the firewalls at Burnside College in North Tyneside and Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen ahead of students returning post-Covid-19. For more details on our work in education, check out our education page.

Real-Time Insights

The key purpose of any education firewall is keeping students and staff safe online. This means making sure all internet activity is appropriate, relevant to school studies and doesn’t open the doors for malware and other cyber attacks.

Real-time insights enable you to monitor activity and take appropriate action against anyone putting your network security at risk. With additional things like apps to consider due to the rapid evolution of technology in education, this is another essential feature.

Powerful Web Filtering

Efficient filtering enables you to prevent the vast majority of incidents without the need for any manual intervention. Not only does this help you remain compliant with rules around safeguarding, but can also free up a considerable amount of time for your IT professional/team.

As there are numerous issues which education professionals must consider, modern filtering capabilities have extended beyond the basics. Context-aware keyword filtering can incorporate keywords related to bullying, radicalisation, self-harm and other issues.

For more information or a quote on education firewalls, get in touch and speak to an expert.

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