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Are your slacking technology systems impacting class room efficiency? If so, you will empathise with the pain of students and staff alike when technology has failed them. We provide school broadband that you can rely on.

, School Broadband Service

The digital classroom

In a modern digital world, school broadband is essential. With most educational establishments now relying heavily on technology, KBR is proud to specialise in quality school broadband & WiFi to provide fast and reliable internet services to satisfy the needs of your school and local authorities.  

Ranging from rural schools and colleges to large and contemporary universities, KBR helps create future-proof learning environments by providing efficient connectivity.  

Leaders in providing high-grade WiFi, broadband and intelligent network security solutions, KBR deliver uninterrupted, secure school broadband services. We help you respond to the increased demand from the use of smartphones and mobile devices, tablets, netbooks and e-Readers, and allow seamless connectivity across all devices. 

KBR solutions are professionally installed by our team of experts. Using our knowledge of network cabling, we can offer a complete wiring solution, working with your existing data cabling or creating a network tailored to your needs (without the need for a leased line). 

, School Broadband Service

What we offer?


Improved Connectivity

Improved connectivity through secure, reliable high-grade broadband & WiFi.



Maximise network security to protect critical data and processes from modern digital threats.


Scalable Infrastructure

Sophisticated, scalable infrastructure that can adapt to any and all changes across your organisation.


Connectivity Between Premises

Point-to-point connectivity between premises to aid connectivity.


AV Staff Message Display Systems

Intelligent audio-visual solutions to convey key messages to staff and users.


Wireless Printing

Allow students to display and print their work using Apple TV and Apple AirPrint technology

Protecting students and staff from harmful online content 

KBR understands that effective internet security and web filtering are essential for ensuring all staff and students are kept safe online. This is why our software is fully compliant with the Ofsted-recommended UK Safer Internet Centre for both filtering and monitoring, with content filtering capabilities to prevent exposure to harmful or inappropriate content.

Teachers and local authorities need to be vigilant and aware of how they can make the internet a safe place for both themselves and students to browse freely. By following these three steps, you can help to ensure that those under your care are always safe online: 


Limiting web applications

By protecting and limiting the web applications that children are exposed to online, they are kept safe from hackers that attempt to reach them and potentially expose them to harmful content. By purchasing a web filtering solution from KBR, you can ensure that children stay safe when connected wirelessly.


Web filtering

When a child opens a web-page for the first time, they can run the risk of being exposed to dangerous content, or opening malware or spyware. To counteract this, web filters can be implemented to stop children accessing dangerous websites by blocking access to their content.


Spam filtering

By establishing a comprehensive email system that filters spam, KBR can provide you with software that detect spam-like messages that are sent to a child’s inbox, which limits their exposure to dangerous or malicious online malwares and content.

Does your internet security meet Ofsted’s Standards?

Take a quick online test to check the quality of your cyber security software.

, School Broadband Service
, School Broadband Service

Business Continuity Solutions

KBR offer cloud-based Business Continuity Solutions to keep your critical business activities up and running.

Better Remote Working
• Minimal Downtime
• Ransomware Protection
• Total Reliability

“I would recommend KBR because they’re friendly and approachable and have always been helpful with any questions or queries and reply to you promptly. They have always been flexible and able to fit in any large installs or upgrades around the school times, usually during school holidays times to minimize disruption or downtime.”

– Ross Crichton, Alp Trust


Benefits of working with KBR

Heat Map WiFi Surveys

Ensuring WiFi signal strength to all necessary internal areas as well as outside communal areas.


Expert Advice

Whether it’s advising on new technology, refining systems or simply troubleshooting we have you covered.

Minimum Disruption

Flexible solutions, keeping your business running as we upgrade your networks.


Professional Installation

With a team of installation experts, we install each of our solutions in-line with the latest British Standards.

How KBR helped Ashington Learning Partnership

Changes to the national curriculum for computing programmes required schools to equip their pupils with the high-quality technology needed to become digitally literate.

In order for children to attain key stage targets, schools must have reliable WiFi networks built on a robust network infrastructure.

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Guest WiFi


Cable Networking

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Audio-Visual Solutions

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