With sunshine and warmth currently in seasonal abundance, you could be enticed by the idea of holding an outdoor event before the sun effectively returns to hibernation. However, one risk of this strategy is that your guests could be hampered in attempts to report about the event as it unfolds.

It shouldn’t be overlooked that broadband speeds can be choppy in rural spots like those you might primarily be considering for your event. However, if your guests struggle to establish an online connection, publicity of the event could suffer. Here are reasons why WiFi can help you prevent this.

Broadband connections can be weak in rural areas

According to an analysis recently reported by The Telegraph, rural areas suffer broadband speeds as much as three times slower than those in nearby cities. For example, the average download speed in North Yorkshire is 30.2mbit/s, which is much lower than the city of York’s average speed, 102mbit/s.

The North Yorkshire figure is also significantly beneath the national average of 45mbit/s. Hence, if you select a particular rural setting for your event before verifying that the area gets strong broadband speeds, guests could be hamstrung in their ability to access many online features.

However, whether you choose grounds, a garden or another outdoor setting for your event, we can implement WiFi coverage that is reliable and secure, not to mention available to all of your guests.

Guests could easily access the internet on laptops and tablets

You might recall occasions when you have set up your laptop or tablet to look for WiFi networks in the area only to find that… well, there weren’t any networks of this type nearby. Even where such networks did exist, they might not have been accessible to members of the public like yourself.

This situation might have led you to resort to WiFi tethering. This process is where, as Computerworld explains, you let internet-ready devices piggyback on your phone’s mobile broadband connection. This may have helped if, to an event, you brought productivity devices that lacked built-in cellular connectivity. You may have let other attendees use that connection, too.

However, turning your phone into a WiFi hotspot in this way can see the device’s battery rapidly deplete. Thus, it wouldn’t be ideal to force your own event’s guests to use WiFi tethering to get their various devices online, which might not even be possible if the local mobile reception is weak.

Boosting customers’ connectivity can strengthen your brand’s exposure

If you intend to use the outdoor event as a means of promoting your organisation or its offerings, it is in your interest to ensure that the guests can easily access the internet through all of their devices.

After all, facilitating such access could enable these people to quickly and favourably publicise the event – and, by extension, your company – on their social media feeds. Through clicking the following link, you can bring up a web-based form enabling you to easily contact KBR for more details about our outdoor WiFi provision.

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