Are you a teacher concerned by the growing risks presented when your students connect online?

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s a struggle keeping up to ensure we are fully protecting our children when connected. And yet, so many educational centres don’t look into improving their network security.

Government guidance across the UK, highlights the importance of safeguarding pupils from harmful and inappropriate online material (Department for Education, 2018).

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a notable increase in pressure on teachers and staff alike, to keep students safe whilst they browse. Because if we can’t protect them, who can? KBR provide the solutions.

But, how?

We all know that protecting students from dangerous online content can be a frustrating and constant battle. So, what are the solutions that can help and better yet, put an end to it? It’s not complicated, over technical, or overly expensive.

No, it’s combination of 3 simple things that will leave you feeling rest assured and confident when your pupils connect.


Web Filtering

KBR’s web filtering solutions keep your students safe from hackers that attempt to reach and potentially expose them, to harmful content. When pupils open a web-page for the first time, they run the risk of being exposed to dangerous content, or opening malware or spyware. Our web filters stop children accessing dangerous websites by blocking access to their content.


Limiting Web Applications

By limiting web applications, you are preventing harmful damage from malicious attackers to your network. 


Spam Filtering

Finally, use spam filters. These comprehensive email systems filter spam, and limits student’s exposure to dangerous or malicious online malware and content. KBR provides software that detects spam-like messages sent to a child’s inbox, to ensure your children stay safe.

You really cannot put a price on the safety of your pupils.

As internet usage within educational sectors continues to grow, the necessity for safeguarding pupils when connected only exceeds this rate.

For your own peace of mind, act now and know that you have taken the necessary action to protect your children online.

If you work in the education sector and are worried your network security isn’t keeping your pupils protected when connected, you should really consider getting in touch for an exploratory conversation. Call us now on 0191 492 1492.

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