Having a solid data backup solution in place is the best way to protect your business against ransomware attacks. Fact.

But with many other ransomware protection tools on the market, why should data backup be your first choice?

Reason #1: Secure off-site storage

Because most quality data backup solutions offer cloud-based storage, you’ll always have copies of your valuable data stored off-site. This is obviously a great way to protect your business in the event of your IT infrastructure being compromised by a ransomware attack.

But cloud storage has more than one benefit. Not only do cloud-based solutions protect against cyber-attacks; they also protect you in the event of your IT equipment becoming damaged as a result of human error or a freak accident.

Of course, 90% of cyber security breaches are due to human error. Therefore, mitigating the risks involved with human error and ransomware go hand-in-hand.

Reason #2: Cuts costs

Recent figures show the average ransom demand for recovering lost data is around £10,300 – that’s an especially heavy hit for startups and small businesses. And that’s not even counting the cost in downtime.

But with a data backup solution in your arsenal, your business becomes a much harder target for cyber criminals. After all, why would someone pay to recover stolen files when they have perfectly good copies stored safely in the cloud?

This is where regular backups make a big difference. Manual data backups on a weekly basis are better than no backups at all, but automated backups on a much more frequent basis are the best way to ensure the data you’ve backed up is up-to-date.

Reason #3: Helps maximise uptime

The main concerns with ransomware attacks are the ransom demands involved. That’s why many business leaders don’t even consider the extra financial damage that downtime inflicts upon their organisation.

Without accessible backups of your critical data, you and your team could go days or even weeks without being able to perform essential tasks. But by regularly backing up your data, you enable your organisation to keep running at maximum efficiency.

Recent estimates put the average cost of downtime at just over £8,000 per day. And with ransomware attacks resulting in an average 16 days downtime, it’s clear that organisations of all sizes and sectors need to be taking ransomware protection seriously.

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