Business Continuity Solutions

KBR offer cloud-based Business Continuity Solutions to keep your critical business activities up and running.

, Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Due to a variety of issues, such as the increasing need for remote working, the talk around business continuity plans and disaster recovery services is intensifying. As a result, most modern businesses need a Business Continuity Solution that’s easy to use and cost-effective. This is where KBR comes in.

Think of your KBR Business Continuity Solution as a secure, cloud-based data centre for all your sensitive documents and critical applications. Backups are carried out automatically and stored locally before being transmitted to the cloud, so you can always restore your most recent data.

What’s more, KBR’s Business Continuity Solutions aren’t limited to specific documents and/or apps. Entire systems can be backed up quickly and seamlessly, without any need for extra manual configurations from the user(s).

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Benefits of KBR Business Continuity Solutions


Better Remote Working

KBR’s Business Continuity Solutions are backed by a private cloud, meaning recovery can be carried out from any location without the need for additional configuration. 

Minimal Downtime

Keeping business running is about more than having a simple data recovery solution. Business Continuity Solutions protect organisations by maximising uptime despite major issues such as ransomware, malware, human error and even natural disasters.

Ransomware Protection

Corrupted data is a major pain point for many businesses. But backups with KBR’s Business Continuity Solutions have automatic verification capabilities, meaning you always know the data being restored is ransomware-free.

Total Reliability

All modern businesses need a reliable data recovery plan, no matter their size or sector. Thanks to KBR’s cloud-based solution with unlimited storage duration, we’re able to provide completely reliable Business Continuity Solutions.

Additional Products & Upgrades

We fully expect to help your business grow, which is why we have additional products and upgradable plans ready for when you need them.

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, Business Continuity Solutions

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