The demand for high-functioning technology across all industries is increasing. Because of this, organisations are increasing their use of audio-visual equipment; this includes retail, education and the public sector.

The benefits of using audio-visual equipment are far-reaching. Not only can they grab an audience’s attention during lengthy presentations, but audio-visual technology in education helps make learning more conceptual.

Whether applied to teaching, conferences or advertising, AV enables audiences to better connect with your content and messaging. From interactive whiteboards to vibrant media projections and digital displays, AV equipment is fast becoming a common feature among education providers, councils and other organisations.

With such a wide variety of equipment available, choosing the right equipment for your organisation can feel overwhelming – but it doesn’t need to. Let’s delve into the three most popular applications that audio-visual solutions provide for modern organisations.

Education and Interactive Learning

Digital teaching materials can now be delivered to students from as early as Nursery and Key Stage 1 through the use of interactive whiteboards and touch-screen activity tables.

“In the past, interactive whiteboards were used to replace ‘chalk and talk’ with a digital variant,” Jeroen Spierings, Regional Head of Education EMEA, Sales & Marketing at Ricoh Europe PLC explains. “Now, schools and universities are using interactive touch technologies to completely transform the way they work.”

In order to capture the attention of today’s tech-savvy youth, interactive digital learning has become the preferred choice for many schools, academies, colleges and universities.

Whether it be for teacher and student use during an interactive learning session, or visual presentations at important lectures, KBR offer a wide range of audio-visual equipment with wireless capabilities. This means you can forget about all the hassle involved with extensive cabling.

Meetings and Conferencing

From weekly business meetings to large-scale conferences, audio-visual technology helps to connect people and businesses at the touch of a button.

Need to touch base with colleagues from the London office? Gone are the days of attempting to deconstruct crowded email chains, or travelling on a busy train to attend a 20-minute catch up meeting.

Video conferencing allows you to connect with colleagues, partners and clients worldwide using features including video, microphones, speakers, remote display and control. Live collaboration often leads to better communications and increased productivity, whilst removing travel time and costs associated with traditional in-person meetings.

Retail and Events

For retail outlets, special events and anywhere else selling and/or promoting products, audio-visual equipment is the perfect way to advertise goods to customers in an entertaining and engaging way without disrupting their regular shopping activity.

Video/display walls provide a modern solution for digital signage that can be used for advertising, building brand awareness and delivering key messaging through high-quality graphics and videos.

Choosing your AV Supplier

Now that you know what’s out there, how do you find the right supplier for your audio-visual equipment?

For those of you looking into audio-visual solutions for your organisation, we want to ensure you receive expert advice in choosing the products that best suit your needs.

Simply get in touch with our specialist team or take a look at our Audio-Visual page for more information.

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