KBR are a trusted audio-visual equipment supplier to educational establishments, public sector organisations and other businesses. So, if you’re looking for quality audio-visual (AV) equipment to suit your specific needs, we could have the perfect solutions for you.

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Whether it be for teacher and student use during an interactive learning session, visual presentations during important meetings or even as straightforward digital signage, KBR’s audio-visual equipment products have functions and pricing options to suit all needs. That’s why we’re the preferred audio-visual equipment supplier for numerous schools, councils and other organisations.

Uses for Audio-Visual equipment

AV equipment is fast-becoming a common feature among schools, councils and other businesses. Below are just a few of the applications audio-visual solutions provide:


Video Conferencing

Do you often have meetings with colleagues, partners and/or clients who can’t all be in the same place at the same time? If so, video conferencing is the best way to ensure you maintain that personal connection while discussing those all-important business matters.


Interactive Learning

With today’s tech-savvy youth, digital learning has become the most efficient way to deliver educational materials. This is why interactive learning is such an important aspect of teaching across schools, academies, colleges and universities.


Product Promotions

For retail outlets and anywhere else selling and/or promoting products, audio-visual equipment is the perfect way to advertise goods to customers in an entertaining and engaging way without disrupting their regular shopping activity.

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Benefits of KBR Audio-Visual equipment 


Expert Audio-Visual installation

As experienced audio-visual equipment suppliers, KBR can provide full services from sales through to installation. Our team of qualified, professional installation experts are able to quickly and efficiently install your AV equipment with minimum disruption for you and your team.

Simple, user-friendly experience

KBR offers the latest in audio-visual technology to ensure the smoothest user experiences across all our equipment. This means you can always expect the best results, no matter which AV solution you choose.

Eliminates the mess of cables

We offer a wide range of audio-visual equipment with wireless capabilities, enabling you to connect to your AV equipment from a laptop or any mobile device. This means you can forget about all the hassle involved with extensive cabling.

Enhanced presentations

With HD visuals and sound systems, audio-visual equipment is the surest way to make your presentations stand out, whether it be for a teaching session, crucial business proposal or anything else.


How do I choose the right AV equipment for my organisation?

With such a wide variety of audio-visual equipment available, choosing the perfect solution can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why, as a trusted audio-visual equipment supplier, KBR can offer expert advice on the products that best suit your needs.

Is AV equipment expensive?

Although the upfront costs for audio-visual equipment may seem like a lot, it’s worth remembering that they greatly help in cutting costs for resources such as paper and toner. We also offer leasing options for organisations with budgetary restrictions.

What if my AV equipment becomes outdated?

Because technology is continuing to evolve so rapidly, there are often concerns that digital tech will quickly become obsolete. This is where KBR’s support & maintenance services can prove so useful, as we’re able to provide any necessary updates as and when they’re required.

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