7 Top Hacks for Preventing Cyber Threats

7 Top Hacks for Preventing Cyber Threats

Worried about cyber threats facing your business? If yes, know at least, that you are not alone. According to recent research conducted by insurer Hiscox, almost three-quarters of businesses admit to being under-prepared for cyber-security attacks. With over three out...
Protecting Pupils Online

Protecting Pupils Online

Are you a teacher concerned by the growing risks presented when your students connect online? In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s a struggle keeping up to ensure we are fully protecting our children when connected. And yet, so many educational centres don’t...
Top five cyber security predictions for 2019

Top five cyber security predictions for 2019

As technology evolves, unfortunately, so do the vulnerabilities of individuals and businesses online with regard to cyber security. A growing number of cyber criminals are launching malware, with an estimated 300,000 malware samples generated every day meaning that...

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