, Connect the Classroom

Connect the Classroom

Are you a school looking to participate in the Connect the Classroom programme? Then KBR is your ideal supplier.

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, Connect the Classroom
, Connect the Classroom
, Connect the Classroom
, Connect the Classroom
, Connect the Classroom

About the programme

Connect the Classroom is a brand-new and fully funded programme by the Department for Education. It aims to help us provide schools in the North East with a comprehensive wireless networking solution (including a WiFi 6 upgrade) that covers cabling, core and edge switching and wireless access points.

KBR has established itself as a long-standing WiFi solutions provider for the education sector and is best suited to supply your school with what you need.

Our mission over the years has been to support and enable the education sector by helping it use and embed technology efficiently. We’ve helped educational institutions cut workload, enhance efficiencies and remove collaboration barriers.

We will provide you with quotes that meet the DfE specification.

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As a supplier, we will cover the following:


Wireless Network Infrastructure


Network Infrastructure Security


Network Switching Infrastructure


Network Cabling


Installation, Commissioning & Handover

What is WiFi 6 & what is needed to prepare for it?

WiFi 6 is the next-generation connectivity and it is going to be quite disruptive for those who haven’t prepared for it. For the first time ever, the WiFi speeds are faster than the cables. Listen to our managing director Gareth Tomlin below as he discusses WiFi 6:

Download our WiFi 6 for the Education Sector eBook

WiFi 6 is a game-changer for the education sector. Download our WiFi 6 eBook to learn about the benefits for your educational institution.

, Connect the Classroom

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