Are you in need of a small business broadband solution? Or perhaps you’re looking for broadband services for a larger organisation? Whatever your requirements, KBR can provide fast and reliable broadband.

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In today’s modern business world, broadband should be fast, secure and reliable. With productivity levels depending greatly on internet efficiency, we understand how important it is for organisations of all sizes to have a consistent quality connection.

We’re experts when it comes to broadband for business, with our services ranging from small business broadband to solutions for larger corporate entities. What’s more, KBR connections also offer high-level network security to ensure your vital data is always protected.

How does KBR’s business broadband work?

Our business broadband services can be implemented as part of your current IT setup or as an entirely new installation. An infrastructural solution can be deployed via a channel management approach – this enables you to receive enhanced reliability and traffic isolation advantages.

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for internet service providers (ISPs) to offer broadband solutions which can keep businesses running at speed through secure, reliable connectivity.

This is why, at KBR, we provide solutions that unify connectivity and security. This means optimal visibility, application control and online safety across your network. 

What’s the difference between business broadband and home broadband?

Business broadband tends to be much faster than your run-of-the-mill home broadband. This is due to the fact that most organisations require a large number of devices to be connected to their network at the same time.

Also, business broadband has some helpful additional features. These include:

– Static IP addresses
– Dedicated technical support
– Enhanced network security

What causes slow broadband?


Your provider

Because many “unlimited deals” actually impose a fair use policy on their users, your internet service provider may slow your connection if your internet usage involves a lot of downloading


Your connection type

The structure of your broadband connection itself is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to determining your internet speed. The 5 main types of UK-based broadband are:

– FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) – FASTEST

– GFast

– FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Cabinet)

– EoFTTC (Ethernet-over-Fibre-to-the-Cabinet)



Your location

If your building is located a considerable distance from the nearest telephone exchange, your internet speed could be considerably slower.


Your setup

The setup of your network can greatly impact your broadband speed. For example, a wireless router placed on the ground floor will give a poor signal to devices connecting wirelessly via the first floor or higher..


Your router

Sometimes it could be something as simple as an old router which is affecting your broadband speed. This is why KBR offer additional support and maintenance for clients.


Other users

If there is a high number of people in your geographical area connecting to the internet at the same time, this can seriously slow your connection. Peak times are typically from 7pm-10pm.

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