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Are you on the lookout for the best CCTV solutions or looking to update your existing security system? 

, CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Whatever your requirements, KBR have got the CCTV solutions to give businesses of all sizes complete peace-of-mind. With a wide range of CCTV solutions on offer, we give our clients the ability to monitor all areas of their premises 24/7, with high resolution capabilities to ensure the best level of security for your property.

Our systems can highlight or flag events for you based on specific parameters. These can include motion detection, tampering with the camera and a range of other events. Combined with high-resolution footage, we can get clearer images of the perpetrators.

CCTV for schools protects everyone. Students & staff can relax knowing that crime and incidents will be tracked and monitored. CCTV has been proven to be a great deterrent to bullying, anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

We appreciate that each network design will be specific to the needs of the user and the specified installation. With Technical Engineers trained in IP network design you can rest assured that KBR will offer sound advice on the design of the network infrastructure.

With over thirty years of experience in the IT industry, KBR promises to install all CCTV solutions with minimum fuss. We strive to deliver the best by offering products and services that are both reliable and affordable. It is our mission to provide customers with quality products at the most competitive prices paired with an exceptional level of customer service.

By partnering with KBR, we can assure you that you’re working with one of the leading CCTV solutions providers in the UK.

 Why does your property need CCTV? 


Crime Deterrent

It might seem obvious, but the value preventing your place of business from falling victim to criminal activity cannot be overstated. Many would-be thieves and other criminals will be deterred if CCTV cameras are placed outside a property.


Cost Effective Security

CCTV solutions are an excellent cost effective alternative to hiring your own security staff.


Assists Law Enforcement

In the unfortunate instance that your property does suffer a break-in, high-res CCTV footage will go a long way to assisting with the capture and prosecution of the criminal(s), as well as helping you receive appropriate compensation.


Improve Site Safety

As KBR CCTV equipment enables you to monitor live footage remotely, you can keep an eye out for any potential safety risks and prevent damage to your property.

, CCTV & Surveillance Systems

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Benefits of working with KBR

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Expert Advice

Whether it’s advising on new technology, refining systems or simply troubleshooting we have you covered.

Minimum Disruption

Flexible solutions, keeping your business running as we upgrade your networks.


Professional Installation

With a team of installation experts, we install each of our solutions in-line with the latest British Standards.

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