Secure customer WiFi solutions for the retail sector

Are your customers stressed as they can’t get a signal in store? We’ve all been there.

, Customer WiFi solutions for retail

You’ll know more than most, if retailers are to compete with the growing online market, in-store customer experience is essential.

KBR’s social WiFi and network security solutions allow customers to connect to the network quickly and easily using their social media accounts. Your business can communicate targeted offers and promotions upon connection, to increase the time and money spent in store.

You’ll learn from the customer data collected, busy store periods and individual preferences, allowing you to tailor customers’ shopping experience.

To keep your payment and operating systems secure, our network solutions safeguard your information. Our team of installation experts will create a cabling infrastructure that can work independently or alongside your existing system to deliver the performance you need.

Looking to appeal to customers in a memorable way? Our audio-visual solutions are great for promoting events and offers to your customers, and improve overall experience during their visit.

, Customer WiFi solutions for retail

What can we provide?


Quick WiFi Signup

Social WiFi allows customers to connect to the network easily through their social media accounts.


Capture Customer Data

Businesses can capture customer data from social WiFi to learn more about customer behaviour and store performance.


AV Promotional Displays

Promote offers and share information using audio-visual solutions.


Secure Connections

Secure systems to safeguard payment details and customer data, minimising the risk of attack.


Fast Wired Connections

Intuitive, reliable cabling to connect the core areas of your store, from till points to warehouse PCs.


Increase Customer Dwell Time

Increase the time customers spend in store by enhancing their experience.

, Customer WiFi solutions for retail

Guest WiFi with Konnectifi

Konnectifi unlocks the potential of your existing wireless network and enables you to capture, segment and automatically send out target email campaigns to those who have opted into marketing. Features include:

• Customer data capture
• Send relevant messages to Customers
• Encourage social media interaction
• Customer feedback
• Seamless Guest Log In
• Analytics reporting

, Customer WiFi solutions for retail

Benefits of working with KBR

Heat Map WiFi Surveys

Ensuring WiFi signal strength to all necessary internal areas as well as outside communal areas.


Expert Advice

Whether it’s advising on new technology, refining systems or simply troubleshooting we have you covered.

Minimum Disruption

Flexible solutions, keeping your business running as we upgrade your networks.


Professional Installation

With a team of installation experts, we install each of our solutions in-line with the latest British Standards.

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