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Ashington Learning Partnership

Bothal Primary School – Upper Site



The Challenge

Educational establishment Ascent Academies Trust, based in Sunderland, approached KBR after an urgent need arose for a wireless point-to-point broadband installation. Through no fault of the academy, a well-known ISP (internet service provider) failed to deliver the vital broadband connection in time for students returning to the academy.

Of course, this would have had an adverse effect on students’ learning and caused significant disruption. After being let down by their original ISP, Ascent Academies Trust contacted KBR with the requirement to have the entire project completed within a matter of days.

How We Helped

Considering the urgent need of Ascent Academies Trust to get an internet solution installed and operational before students returned at the beginning of September, our ability to perform a quick turnaround proved invaluable. From initial enquiry to installation, we were able to provide the academy with a bespoke internet solution in under one week.

Having provided IT solutions and wireless technology in a variety of challenging environments for over 35 years, we utilised our skills and experience to quickly and efficiently install external wireless point-to-multipoint (three points delivering synchronous speeds of 100Mbps). This kind of capacity is essential for delivering fast and reliable connectivity to numerous students simultaneously in today’s digital learning environments.

Now, thanks to KBR’s bespoke solution and quick turnaround,Ascent Academies Trust is able to provide all its students with fast and secure access to all manner of digital learning resources.

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