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Ashington Learning Partnership

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Video Transcript

“The organisation I work for is the Ashington Learning Partnership, which consists of two large primary schools in Ashington Northumberland (Bothal Primary School and Central Primary School). They are split across four separate sites. In my role as the IT manager, I oversee a team of four people.

Before I started working with KBR, we had several networks at each site, and we were using an outside company for internet and filtering capabilities. However, it wasn’t suitable for our needs anymore. As a trust, we needed a solution that would allow us to access work and log onto our laptops remotely since we couldn’t physically visit the sites.

The internet was starting to struggle, especially with the increasing use of cloud-based programs and numerous internet-enabled devices like iPads and Chromebooks. Therefore, we decided to bring the network management in-house and implement a new filtering system.

I chose to engage with KBR because I had previously come across them when they installed the new WiFi systems in to all the Northumberland schools. They were easy to deal with, helpful, and friendly, which made a positive impression. When I started looking at different companies for our project, KBR was definitely on my list due to their previous experience with us.

During our initial discussions, KBR understood my goals and plans, and they offered solutions that complemented them. They were friendly, professional, and provided excellent suggestions. Overall, their package was impressive. What sets KBR apart is their responsiveness and customer service. Whenever I had questions or issues, they promptly answered my emails and calls. I can’t fault the support and assistance I received from them. Every member of the KBR team I worked with was easy to communicate with and collaborate.

Since working with KBR, we have seen significant improvements in our network provision and increased productivity. Having one domain across all four sites has streamlined our operations. We can now do much more than before. Over the summer, I worked closely with the technical team to ensure everything was up and running before the children returned from their holidays. Their hard work improved the learning experience for both staff and students, who now have access to iPads, Chromebooks, and other devices to enhance their learning.

The new system is fit for purpose and works much better. It has also made it easier for staff to move between the different sites and access their work and the internet without any issues. Collaboration among the staff has improved, and we can now focus on our work more efficiently.

I would highly recommend KBR. I am completely satisfied with their products, installation service, and competitive pricing. They have established a great working relationship with our organisation, and they are always my first point of contact for any IT needs.”

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