KBR Broadband Solutions


Minimise disruption and organizational downtime with a secure, reliable and professional broadband connection that can handle your growing workload demands, whatever your business.

KBR Cable Networks Solutions

Cable Networks

Cable networks lay the foundations for secure and reliable IT infrastructures. We have provided cable networks for the NHS, government, local government, parliament and corporate clients.



Without the proper CCTV solution in place, you can leave your school or business vulnerable to a range of threats. A KBR CCTV solution offers many significant advantages over traditional systems.

KBR Guest WiFi Solutions

Guest WiFi

Our guest WiFi services allow customers and visitors to connect to your network easily. You’ll capture user demographic data and be able to market products and services to specific individuals based on their behavior.

KBR Network Security Solutions

Network Security

Safeguard your business from growing digital threats with KBR’s network security solutions, designed to protect your privacy and minimise the risk of disruption to your business.

KBR WiFi Solutions


Stay connected with KBR’s high-speed, reliable WiFi. Offering exceptional coverage and security, our solutions keep businesses, organisations, schools and more operating without interruption.

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