WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet

WiFi is an essential part of any work environment, and needs to keep up with changing technologies. KBR can make upgrading to WiFi 6 easy.

, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet

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, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet
, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet
, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet
, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet
, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet

About WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is the most recent iteration of WiFi to date. It has a range of features that are designed to be futureproof, in anticipation of emerging technologies, trends, and user behaviours.

The main benefits of WiFi 6 are:

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, WiFi 6: Next-gen Wireless Internet

Higher Capacity

The network can handle a far higher capacity of connected devices. Essential for the ever-increasing number of WiFi enabled devices we bring into out places of work.


Certified Security Standards

WPA3 security as standard. The latest security standard, previous generations of WiFi did not need to use this security level. WiFi 6 requires it to be certified.


Energy Saving

Better battery life for your connected devices. WiFi 6 uses Target Wake Time (TWT) to intelligently identify when connection is needed and when it is not.


Improved Signal Strength

WiFi 6 routers can take advantage of Beamforming signals, which focus signal to connected devices instead of a homogenous, unfocused spread across the location.

KBR has established itself as a long-standing WiFi solutions provider for a wide range of sector. We are best suited to supply your organisation with what you need. Our mission over the years has been to support and enable the organisations by helping them use and embed technology efficiently. We’ve helped organisations cut workload, enhance efficiencies and remove collaboration barriers.

What is WiFi 6 & what is needed to prepare for it?

WiFi 6 is the next-generation of wireless connectivity and it is going to be quite disruptive for those who haven’t prepared for it. For the first time ever, the WiFi speeds are faster than the cables. Listen to our managing director Gareth Tomlin as he discusses WiFi 6 in this video.

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