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Case Study

, Groovy Students

Groovy Students

Joplings House, Sunderland


The Challenge

As a leading provider of fast, reliable WiFi and intelligent network security solutions, Joplings approached KBR for their new Student Housing project. It was paramount that we were able to provide an easy, cost-effective and powerful solution to support the demanding environment of this refit, student accommodation project (fast and secure WiFi had been identified as a top priority for potential tenants). With an estimated 900 active devices connected to the WiFi at any one time, it was going to be a difficult challenge.

How We Helped

By working with leading partners (RG Nets, Ruckus Switches and Cambium’s cnPilot), we were able to provide a solution (consisting of over 50 WiFi access points and a software system for easy to use network management) which enabled each student to have all-area access available on multiple devices, without the need to reconnect.

Moreover, we were able to create a new revenue stream for Joplings by providing a pay-as-you-go service (for additional data usage). We were able to save over £20,000 for Joplings through simplified licensing and reductions in maintenance and support spend.

The entire project was deployed in just four days, and provides a convenient service allowing full control and compliance with minimal operational expenditure – happy customer and happy users! Future projects are already in the pipeline.

, Groovy Students

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, Groovy Students

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, Groovy Students

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